The success of Cat in a Flat: It all started with Yuki, the big, grumpy moggy!

If you’re a cat owner you’ll know who’s the ‘boss’ in your family. You’ll also know how difficult it is to plan a holiday and leave you furbaby behind – they are not like dogs, you can’t just ‘lend’ them a friend. They are very territorial and are happiest in the comforts of their own home / sock drawer.

Julie’s cat in particular is very difficult, he is a big grumpy male cat named Yuki. He is quite feisty when it comes to strangers and, although she lives in a densely populated area, it was always quite hard for her to find someone brave enough to look after him. This constant hassle led Julie to recognise the need for a service to connect cat owners with trusted cat-loving sitters.

Things really took off when Julie joined forces with her work colleague Kathrin, who brought her previous business experience and UX expertise to the table and helped turn the idea into a viable company. 

To kick start their business, Julie and Kathrin took inspiration from the Airbnb model and focused on establishing a paw-print in their local area of Shoreditch. They have now successfully opened all across the UK, Ireland, Netherlands, Germany and Austria.


How it works.

Cat in a Flat is an online cat-sitting service and community. It connects cat owners with insured and local cat-loving sitters.

Their mission is to help our furry friends stay in the comforts of their own home while the owner is away. No more stress, no more catteries, no more guilt.

Cat owners can pick and choose local, vetted sitters by personality, testimonial or rate.

Cat sitters get to spend time with furry clients and not have to worry about pet bills or long-term care, and best of all they get paid to do it!  All cat sitters go through a personal on-boarding process that automatically insures them. They are provided with their own personal webpage, as well as service agreement contracts and a secure payment and booking system.

What drives the co-founders, is their passionate community.

On the one hand, their primary customers are urban dwellers that love their cats like their own child. With their busy lifestyles they have come to expect convenient, trusted, easy to use solutions to suit all their needs, including those unplanned business trips.

On the other hand, the cat sitters are the passionate cat lovers, that for one reason or the other can’t have a cat of their own, or if they do, they just want even more cats in their life.

The cat sitters love to help cat owners and their cats, and it’s a great way to bring the neighbourhood together while earning some money along the way.

Their members range from professionals to students, from families to pensioners, their community is built for anyone and everyone who share the same passion – cats of course. 

So, if you’re a cat lover, come and join us, it’s free and we’ve been told it’s the best job in the world!


Cat in a Flat is a trusted cat-sitting community created by cat lovers for cat lovers. Its mission is to help cats stay in the comfort of their own homes by connecting cat owners with trusted, insured, local, cat-loving sitters.

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