The 2022 Christmas Campaign has Launched!

This Sunday two years ago (22nd November 2020) was the first EVER time I went “Live” on my piano. Before that I was too anxious. What if people thought I was rubbish, what if people didn’t care or want to hear me? Those thoughts plagued my mind for many years, but in October 2020 I met a lady called Heather who taught me how to set realistic and manageable goals, so here I was a month later, like a rabbit in headlights, playing the piano live in my den. I played the Glasgow Love Theme from “Love Actually” I was shaking, but I also knew I could do it. I wore my penguin popsy dress, and a lip glaze of choice. I’d just been for lunch with friends we hadn’t seen since the February, it was that brief let-up between lockdowns. I had such a buzz after performing, and the people who heard it absolutely loved it!

I set the goal there to play a full length live Christmas concert. For free. Just in my den. If you put a (Tropic) order in, you could have a request. The concert went down a storm! I worked myself up to it by launching a 12 days of Christmas 1-12 December. I planned games, offers, little facts, and chose a different Popsy dress and lip glaze every day.

The whole campaign was a massive hit, I just had to do it again the following year!

How could I level up from 2020?

I sang a Victoria Wood inspired 12 days of Christmas rather than just playing the piano. I told full little snippets of my story. I wore different Popsy dresses and lip glazes. I was confident!

The live concert was available to the public, but I was still quite hidden, so I had to rely on private messaging people individually. I managed to sell 41 tickets though, not to be sniffed at!

This is becoming a tradition. The feedback was out of this world, how could I step up again for 2022??

I have a website, I’m more visible.

This year, I launched my campaign today (20th November 2022) by the Glasgow Love theme again. Confident but distracted as my 5 year old kid was starting to have a meltdown in the next room! I played three tunes, but those who follow me, loved it all the same. I wasn’t meant to be perfect. I’m a mum and that often means working through chaos and a working mum never really stops either. (My businesses are my passions and my self care, that definitely helps!)

The main campaign launches on 1st December, and since last year I have a whole stationery range; so expect a mix of stationery giveaways, skincare offers, free-to-play games, and of course a song, Popsy dress and lip glaze for each day!

If you’d like to join in the fun, head over to Jen’s Musical Self Care Den

If you’d like to join the main concert please check for more details/to buy tickets!


Article written by Jen Griffiths, Network She Diamond Member

The Tropic Pianist Gamer


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