Not All Stress is Bad

How many of the people you work with get stressed out sometimes?  Stress which can impact their work, their colleagues, even their health.

Based on the UK averages, stress costs employers around £600 per employee, per year.  That’s £30,000 a year for a business with 50 staff – and that’s only the direct financial cost.  So it’s not surprising that more organisations are starting to look at stress.

But not all stress is bad. It becomes a problem when it exceeds your resources for dealing with it, but below that level, it’s really useful. The challenges you rise to, and connections you form by helping others.

Increasing the resources to raise that threshold level, taking away those stresses which you can, and better using those which are left is hugely powerful.

Stress Success Strategy is a straightforward framework, to help more organisations to get more of the stress which works, as well as less of what doesn’t.

Stress Success Strategy can help organisations to
• Reduce the financial cost of stress
• Proactively reduce problem stress, and get the best from the useful stresses
• Reduce the impact of stresses from outside the workplace
• Remove the reliance on managing stress


So if you’d like a less stressful working life, CLICK HERE to order your copy

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