Crowdfunder is ready to help start brand new businesses

Crowdfunder, the UK’s number one crowdfunding platform, is offering business startup support for those people who, out of choice or necessity, are starting a new business. What’s more, they’re offering it with zero platform fees (transaction fees still apply).

Crowdfunder is ready to be part of the solution for employment in the UK and helping the economy to get back on its feet. That solution is already in motion, with both new and existing businesses already on the platform ,but Crowdfunder is ramping it up through launching their #CrowdfunderStartups campaign.

Thanks to research from Virgin Startup, who asked 1,000 adults who have started or developed a new business during the COVID-19 crisis, we know that 69% of lockdown entrepreneurs agreed that lockdown gave them the push they needed to start a business, 69% said that they needed to do something to supplement their income during lockdown and 51% of lockdown entrepreneurs agreed that they’d never thought about becoming an entrepreneur before lockdown. We know that entrepreneurism is part of the solution for people and businesses in the UK.

Not only that, Crowdfunder is also deploying their expert coaches and support team to help projects. New businesses can also benefit from the online learning portal, guides, help centre and easy-to-join webinars.

Crowdfunding on the Crowdfunder platform is a way for people and businesses to raise money. It works through individuals donating to crowdfunding projects in return for a reward. Unlike applying for a loan, you don’t need a business plan to crowdfund, there’s nothing to pay back at the end and you can validate your business idea, make your first sale and create your business’ community, who will become your customers! In short, you can start your business by harnessing the power of the crowd.

Rob Love, Crowdfunder’s CEO says “In a time where people in this country are seeing unemployment rates continually rising, we want to extend a hand and make a difference by supporting brand new small businesses. We can help people to bring their ideas and campaigns to life, across the nation, so they can support themselves and start their new ventures.”

Find out more about #Crowdfunder Startups here.

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