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Business support comes in many shapes and sizes and from umpteen sources and resources.

At Network She we want to make it as easy as possible for you to find the help and support you need. Whether it be formal training or education via the courses and workshops available through Network She Training, mentoring and coaching via our chosen associate directory or just general hints, tips and articles on the Network She website Business Support page

We have also opened up access to additional resources including My Big Brand and Network She PA.

Business Support News


Driverless Delivery Vehicle to Hit UK’s Roads in 2018

A Welsh start-up is on track to deliver one the of first road-legal A.I.-controlled autonomous vehicles in 2018 thanks to a successful crowdfunding round.

What’s your influencing style? Push or Pull?

In work, persuasion and influence is big business.  It’s the stuff of deals through to the lubricant for smooth running relationships. Your effectiveness at influencing others will impact how people judge you...

How to get your next job or promotion – Finding your sales voice

In life you are either selling, or being sold to. And in the context of job-seeking; if you don’t sell yourself when looking for work, you should expect someone else to land the job you deserve. Selling yourself in the job market is about finding your voice.

BuddyWith launch – a new community bringing parents together for support and expert advice is a new online and offline community for parents. BuddyWith specialises in bringing people together with similar families, whether that is twins, special needs, new parents, single mums or dads, or parents who would simply like some downtime and to meet other people. 

4 strategies for strengthening your Brand Equity

How much is your brand worth? Donald Trump values his personal brand at more than $3billion. While being knee-deep in international intrigue and political controversy aren’t problems most business leaders have to deal with, the fragility of brand equity is something that all entrepreneurs need to be aware of.

Are women being heard in the work place?

Rebecca, a young engineer recently asked me the question: ‘How do I raise my profile in meetings?’ She had recently gone through the annual appraisal process where the feedback from her boss was: ‘You don’t say enough in meetings, you need to contribute more.’