4 Reasons Why Signage Is Essential for Your Business

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Putting your business’s name out into the world is important, and there are plenty of ways to do it, but one cost-effective way of doing so is by using signage. You can put it on windows, doors, pavements, floors, and directly outside your business. Different signs serve different purposes; however, if get it right, you can increase your traffic through the power of vibrant communication. When you’re deciding where to place signs, you must consider your target audience and try to talk directly to them. Potential consumers don’t want to read a boring business sign. Below, we will look deeper at why business signs are essential for your business.


When compared to Pay-Per-Impression style advertising, signage can help you cut costs, and they pay off big time. With signage, you pay a one-off cost and you’ve got your ad for life (or until your business identity changes). Cheap but quality signage like these swinging pavement signs can be found over at discountdisplays.co.uk. There, you can find fully customisable signs to suit your business style. Their prices start at around £45. Whilst you’re there, they can also support you in the design process with their dedicated team.

Clear Communication

People don’t like to be bamboozled by too much information on a sign. You need to create signage that gets your company’s identity across without inducing brain overload. Decide on one thing that your signage will say, and create a simple but effective design around it. Let’s take directional signs – all they have is the place they’re pointing to and a direction. You don’t get a sign that’s a mile away detailing every single turn along the rest of the route.

Portrays Brand Identity

The style of font and images used on your signage needs to tell customers what you do. If your business is serious, a fun font would be inappropriate. For example, if a dentist’s sign had vibrant colours and exciting font, people may think the signs are for something like a stationery shop. You need to talk to your audience through your words and your design. One of the best ways to ensure you get it right from the start is to work with a designer to get your message across.

Reach Your Target Audience

To be effective, your signage needs to communicate with your desired audience. Once you’ve enticed a new client into your business, they need to know exactly what’s happening. Your signs need to push their way through the noise. For example, when you head into a really busy supermarket and need milk quickly, you’re less likely to browse the shop if there are no signs. Use your signs to make a lasting impression, make the customer experience easier, and increase your sales.

Marketing your brand is an important part of running any business; however, some methods can rack up quite the bill. Signage is cost-effective and can help boost your brand awareness and increase your foot flow.

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