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Hello big wide world, or not as the case may be!

Let me introduce myself. I’m Sas, it’s not my real name but as I have the most boring name in the universe, I thought this a great opportunity to reinvent myself!
Why Sas? well firstly it’s the initials for stars and stones, a phrase that encompasses my everyday life and secondly, well I believe a girl should always inject just a little bite of sas into her personality!

I sit here today writing my very first blog with visions of grandeur. I imagine my ramblings being read from all four corners of the earth, by thousands of people from all walks of life!

Realistically though, if at least one person reads this post right to the end then I’ll take that as a positive start!
For me, this journey is all about reaching for the stars ⭐️ and well , just seeing where I land!



I’m on a mission! A mission of self discovery, a mission reaching out to others and as already mentioned, a mission to see if I can touch just maybe, one of those stars!

My journey started about 6 years ago when I was in complete turmoil. My then 15 year old son was stepping down a path that really worried me and I was at a total loss as to how we’d got there and had even less of a clue how to make things good again!
I don’t really know why, but I put pen to paper and spewed my worries in rhyme!

I’m not sure that it helped my son in any way at all, but it did clarify the jumble of thoughts in my head. This opened up to discussions with friends and family, which in turn helped a little to lighten the weight of such a heavy load. I didn’t know it at the time but that was the initial stirrings of my Rhymatherapy.

As I attempt to attract just a soupçon of the world’s attention, I do hope you hop on board for the ride and stay for the duration. I’d love for you to be by my side and through my poems and journals experience some of the good, the bad and the ugly of daily life.

Hold tight, this meandering, magical mystery tour is going to be a bumpy ride!


Denbigh North Wales

I’m lucky enough to be nestled away in a small beautiful corner of the world known as North Wales.
I love living here, many a day I am stopped in my tracks by how stunning this little part of the world can be.
How can I not be inspired living here?
But the “where” isn’t just about where I am it’s  also about the “where” you are! Both Geographically and emotionally. Along with your help it is my intention to take full advantage of the phenomenon known as the World Wide Web ( does anyone else still call it that?) and reach out as far and wide as possible. So please do get in touch, tell me about you.



Well the “why” is the biggie and comes in two parts:

Why Part 1
6 months ago when I was struggling to cope with daily life I decided to book a few sessions with a counsellor. This opened my eyes to how unforgiving of myself I was as I became aware of a cruel nasty girl residing in my head! It appears her sole purpose is to put the real me down at every opportunity!

With my counsellors guidance I began to to peel away the armour so I could look deeper into myself and with my 50th Birthday pending I started to question who I really was. This digging left me feeling extremely vulnerable and really quite lost.

However a breakthrough came to me in the form of a precious gift from my counsellor. She bestowed on me the label of “creative”. I never ever thought of myself as creative! Although I shared the odd “poem” with a few close friends I didn’t think they were anything other than an outpouring of emotions, just the easiest way to put my thoughts into words.

With encouragement from my counsellor to read and re-read my words as a form of therapy, I dug out everything I’d written. Previously I wrote them, pushed them aside and paid them very little heed!
With her persuasion I began reading back through my words and oh how the rawness resonated, with each new read I gained more clarification and more importantly a real feeling of cleansing. I read, wrote and cried, read, wrote and cried over and over until one day I read wrote and smiled!
Before I knew it the black cloud that had become such a familiar companion in my life had lifted. I felt a glimmer of peace, something I realised I’d not felt for such a long time!

This was the moment I knew I had to pursue my new found passion. I wrote new words daily and started to consider sharing my thoughts with others. Then out of the blue the little bitch raised her ugly little head again and once again bombarded me with put downs such as
“Who do you think you are?”
“Why an earth would anyone be interested in your load of old winging words?”
“The only reason anyone says nice things about your awful poems is because they feel sorry for you!”
blah blah blah
I kept batting her away but each time she came back louder and stronger. Before long I started to believe her words as true until..

Why Part 2
With a recommendation and gentle nudges from a group of extremely supportive and inspiring ladies I picked up a book written by Elizabeth Gilbert called Big Magic.
Less than a third way through, I knew I didn’t have a choice any more! Indulging creative me became an absolute must! Elizabeth talks about “creative living” After reading Elizabeth’s book I again embraced my rhymes and declared “creative living” as my destiny. No if’s, no but’s, no coconuts, write I must. It’s written in those stars, you know, those ones up there that I’m attempting to catch. 💫

I must make a point here: If you’re creative you really should read this book!

As cheesy as it sounds I really do hope to positively inspire others to hold on to their passions, follow their dreams and embrace their destiny

I sincerely hope and would be so honoured if you were to join me on this exciting terrifying, possibly pointless, wondrous trek to who the hell knows where!

Are you ready? It’s a hell yes from me, so come on let’s do this

Thanks for reading

Sas x

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  1. Natalie
    Natalie says:

    Hi Sas,

    I really enjoyed reading your first blog.

    I too am a ‘Rhymer’ and have found it extremely beneficial as a creative outlet… Poetry is having a well deserved revival at the moment and it’s great to find someone else in north Wales who is passionate about their words!

    If you want to connect on social media, you’ll find me at ADogLoversDream on Facebook and Instagram…

    Good luck with Rhymatherapy.

    Natalie x


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