Did you know everyone has a superpower? By Ruth Lloyd Williams

It has been an exciting and busy start to the year on the Network She Mothership. We got the party well and truly started on 11th January at our first event of 2018. Blue Monday on the 15th came and went, we survived, nobody spontaneously combusted into an explosion of over indulged prosecco and chocolate.


On Tuesday 16th January we launched our Business Basics workshops. A great new Network She initiative bringing new and emerging businesses together with a variety of support services offering valuable advice and solutions. The buzz at both events was really motivational, which made getting up at 5 am the next day to travel to Cardiff so much easier, knowing that I wasn’t going just to represent Network She but on behalf of all north Wales business women. Whether they were aware of my beauty sleep sacrifice or not.


Im Fascinated By Different Groups

Sitting on the train I was fascinated by the different groups and gaggles of folk all traveling at the crack of dawn somewhere, for something or someone unknown. The lady with her book and her foil wrapped pre prepared breakfast. The important looking group of colleagues all in business dress, putting everything on expenses and the worlds to rights, indiscreetly sharing office gossip and politics. Kids in posh uniforms heading to expensive schools and lone folk who are travelling light.

It would be so easy to sit and judge, assuming who all these people are, what they do, and the ease of the fulfilled lives they appear to lead – but what do I know.




Your Health Your Wealth

On Thursday 8th February author of Stripped Bare and inspirational speaker Sharon Bull will be sharing her story with us at Your Health Your Wealth. 

For thirty years, Sharon authenticity played second fiddle to all the mad distractions she associated with being happy, and it wasn’t until she reached her lowest point, that she found what she believed to be her purpose.

From the age of twenty, Sharon found herself battling with mental illness, including depression, anxiety and a spending addiction that incurred £50,000 of debt.

Her presentation lifts the lid on the toxic effects our society can have on people’s lives, and the huge pressure we put on ourselves as we tirelessly strive to live out the perfect lifestyles seen in adverts, the media and on the early morning train.

Most importantly though, Sharon breaks down the stigma attached to mental illness and emphasises that our perceptions of others can be far from their reality.

Sharon’s sole purpose is to creatively help others through her own experiences with mental health, depression, anxiety, addiction, recovery and well-being


ITV’s This Morning with Ruth & Eamon

Sharon has appeared on ITV’s This Morning with Ruth & Eamon and has been featured in a number of national newspapers and magazines.

Her book Stripped Bare, is a true story based on her experiences, and how, after a failed suicide attempt, she finally faced up to her fears.

We all get very tied up in working on and working in our business, or career, putting in long hours, creating stressful situations. Our focus becomes tunnel like as we concentrate on revenue targets, customer deadlines and their expectations.

What is your companies most valuable asset? Do you look after it as well as you should? How easy is it to forget to look after number one, to look after you?

If we no longer have our health, how are we going to secure our wealth.



But did you know everyone has a superpower? 

What’s Yours?

Psychologists are finding that playing to our strengths is much more effective than developing our weaknesses. This is shown throughout many business organisations and in personal life too. Knowing what your psychological strengths are and how to best use them creates your unique superpower. Knowing what other people’s superpowers are can transform organisations and relationships. Clare Martin of Newset Training specialises in helping you realise your strengths to create more success, happiness and fulfilment in your life.



In addition to our inspiring speakers Sharon and Clare at Your Health, Your Wealth, there will be a number of fabulous exhibitors promoting their quality products and services to help you make the best of yourself and your wealth.

Safe journey everyone where ever you may be traveling.

Ruth x

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