Blue Monday? It’s just a Monday!

By Ruth Lloyd Williams


The Christmas decorations are now boxed and back in the loft, 2018 is well and truly under way. The supermarkets are already awash with all things Valentines, hot cross buns and Easter eggs as the commercial conveyor belt continues.

For some of us it was a difficult, slow start to the year with the kids not going back to school until last week, making it harder to get back in to the swing of something resembling normality, but we all made it and life goes on.

The media spent most of December whipping us all up in to a motivational frenzy for a great start to 2018, looking forward to a new year and a new you. Resolutions to be thinner, fitter and alcohol free screamed from every available source. So why then, three weeks in, have they changed their tune. To sell more papers, glossies and air space they are now peddling failure, labelling Monday 15th January as Blue Monday. Apparently now after such a positive start, we are all destined to fail, to be fat, unfit and overly refreshed.


Now I will let you in to a secret

No we are not doomed and destined to fail.  It’s not Blue Monday, it is just Monday. We have one every week and on average 52 of them every year.  So Monday may not be your favourite day of the week as you wave goodbye to the weekend and head off back to work, but it doesn’t have to be a blue Monday.  Don’t let the peddlers and purveyors of doom and gloom effect your mind set.

If in a rash motivated moment, you signed up for dry January and then ended up diving head first into the European Prosecco fountain or the European Cider lake, as I did last night, don’t give up.  Just dry off, dry up and start again. Give yourself a break, give yourself a day off and start when you are good, ready, and in the right mind set and not a mind-set created by the media and dictated to the masses.

The media has created a vision or version of you that may sell more papers and magazines, fill gyms and slimming clubs for five minutes, but why conform when really you should dare to be different. Be a version of you that you are happy to live with. It might be a thinner version but it may be a version of you that is exactly the same size yet more vivacious and outgoing. Don’t clog up your week with chores and tasks that you don’t want to do, that you aren’t good at and that make you miserable. Delegate them to someone who does so you can give yourself the time to do more than just dare to be different.


Create An Adventure

Don’t just return to the hamster wheel of normality when you can create an adventure. How much fun will 2018 be if you don’t do what you have always done. If you stop the “and repeat” process that we revert back to. Step out of your comfort zone, challenge yourself and dream big, big enough to scare yourself. Make a plan, because don’t they say, “a dream without a plan is just a wish”. There are fountains full of pennies that have been thrown in on the back of a wish. And if, while you are creating your plan, you have a glass of Prosecco or two, don’t beat yourself up, instead raise your glass of fizz and make a toast to a happier, healthier, vivacious, outgoing version of you.

Happy Monday!

Ruth x


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