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Seize the day

What an apt title for the next chapter in my book. This whole year has been about seize the day. Last year was a difficult one, from health scares, to loosing friends, I made a decision to not wait anymore and put a plan in motion. This plan included retraining […]

Where is home

Home is where I am right now. I don’t associate a home with ‘stuff’, or even four walls and a roof. A home is where I feel comfortable right now. That may be a hotel room, a new place or even our van if we are camping. A home is […]

Seize the day!

To some extent we’re all guilty of not living in the present! Wishing our lives away – thinking about what’s happened, dreaming about what we’ve done and the fond memories we have created. Or looking forward to what’s about to happen … counting down to that next holiday, buying something […]


Wherever I lay my hat – or should I say – Wherever I lay my inflatable flower. With travellers’ cheques in my wallet, a secret pocket sewn into my trousers and my inflatable flower in my ruck-sack, off I went, in 1984, travelling around the world. During the six years […]

Seize the Day

In memory of Amanda By Carrie Foster I have to confess that I try not to spend too much time thinking of my own impending death. Which when you write the words “impending death” makes it seem like it is happening soon. I hope not. But we don’t actually know […]


Home is where the heart is. Home is a place where your feet may leave but your heart will always be. Home is my happy place. When it comes to identifying home for me…I have many homes. Home is my safe place. A place where I can be myself. A […]

Sometimes you lose yourself in life

Leaving home was an interesting one, it just kind of happened in a series of opportunist twists from the path beneath my DM boots at the age of 18. I was pretty average at school, no passion for much really, apart from indie music and my broadened reading material, NME […]