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Ever Increasing Experts

As time goes by society seems to be increasingly flooded with so called ‘experts’ promising those seeking answers ‘the secret to success’ People are being lead into a false sense of security that these ‘experts’ hold the answers to what they’re tirelessly searching for… often for a large sum of […]

Organ Donation Saves Lives

 Know Your Options Due to a lack of available organs, 3 people die each day while waiting for a transplant. If you’re considering being an organ donor, here’s what you need to know. – Can anyone donate their organs? Anyone can join the organ donation register. But only a small […]

Be a lady, they said…

Have you seen the video that’s going viral at the moment? Released at the end of February featuring actress Cynthia Nixon reading a piece of prose written by Camille Rainville (Writings of a Furious Woman). One powerful piece of poetry, written about the conflicting demands on women and the impossibility […]

Writing Can Bring Us Together.

Camembert and a glass of red anyone? Combine improving your writing skills with having a great time, in France … Sarah Tyley met Becky Slack round at a friend’s house one night in SW France.  Sarah, the author of Spaghetti Head, and Becky, an experienced journalist and communications consultant, quickly […]


More Flummery and Piffle than Real Contrition over Flack By Carrie Foster The current hand wringing over Caroline Flack taking her own life is as predictable as it is nonsense to think that “Caroline’s Law” will ever be anything other than a social media moment.  Blame the media, blame the […]