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Autumn Leaves

Usually at this time of year I’d be gardening in long trousers. I’d have a t-shirt, sweat-shirt and fleece gilet on, a neck-warmer and a beanie, and I’d be quietly swearing at Eva Cassidy for having sung such a beautiful version of Autumn Leaves – when very clearly she had […]

The passage of time

What a curious beast. Created before us, out of our control, dictating rituals, setting signposts, measured in a variety of ways, perceived by our reality and our mood, conscious and subconscious, in the here and now. The passage of time is a curious beast, and yet so clearly defined by […]

Imposter syndrome

Sitting at a conference down in Christchurch and thinking deeply about what the keynote speakers have to say. Some I agree with and some I don’t. Not only here as a delegate but also presenting, I find myself critiquing all the other presenters I come across, do they present in […]

Hello October! Oh how I’ve missed you!

Seasons of mist and mellow fruitfulness …. and a sky full of rain!! I love Autumn, what’s not to love? Here in the Netherlands, the seasons are the same as the UK. We have an almost identical climate, so there’s no real difference. However, I’m a real lover of the […]