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Hello October! Oh how I’ve missed you!

Seasons of mist and mellow fruitfulness …. and a sky full of rain!! I love Autumn, what’s not to love? Here in the Netherlands, the seasons are the same as the UK. We have an almost identical climate, so there’s no real difference. However, I’m a real lover of the […]

Cancer survivor, offering hope to women recovering from breast cancer, hopes to get her tattoo techniques recognised by the NHS (Graphic Images)

A medical tattoo artist, who is herself a cancer survivor, is offering support to women recovering from breast cancer surgery – and hopes to get her work recognised by the NHS. Helen Aldous, from Huddersfield in West Yorkshire, specialises in post-operative tattoos which can have a huge impact on her […]

Ready, Set, Prosecc-go!

This year’s Fizzy Friday 5K Fun Run, organised by Network She and Bella the Prosecco Van, saw 200 women register for the event, which took place on Friday 6th September in Llandudno, raising money for the Network She Foundation, to support women and girls in sport. Once participants had registered […]

Seize the day

May you not seek to know what the future holds. Be wise, strain your wine. Don’t question what the Gods have planned for you. Grasp the moment. (One version of the translation from Horace’s work;  Odes.) The month of August is now over and I have been carrying the provocation […]