Entries by Ruth Lloyd-Williams

Blood, Sweat and No Fears!

Campaign to encourage month-round participation in women’s sport   A new campaign is launching to tackle an unspoken barrier to participation in women’s sport: the demands on the body from periods. As the nation is enjoying an incredible summer for women’s sport, more of us than ever are inspired to […]

Dad to the Rescue!

My first car was a bronze-coloured 1981 Renault 5, called Dorfie, who always had an incense stick burning on his dash-board, held on with a lump of blu-tak. One January night, my friends and I left our local pub, clambered into Dorfie, lit the incense, and I drove us 10 […]

Recommendation Six!

Just over an hour to go now of my eight hour epic round trip to Cardiff. The capital of the country in which I live. Although it’s a long slog, north to south, it does give me time to catch up with my admin, intermittent wifi and power sources permitting. […]