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First all-Wales Menopause Summit

We’re excited to invite you to the first all-Wales Menopause Summit in Cardiff on Tuesday 25th June 2019.  The menopause remains an unspoken health care challenge in workplaces and across society in Wales. There is a combined lack of scientific research, lack of knowledge amongst health care professionals and a […]



Network She are pleased to work in collaboration with ConwyBusiness Week Key note speaker David Evans, Managing Director, Dylan’s As the first event in Conwy Business Week 2019, we are delighted that, in collaboration with The Power House Network  this evening network event brings together leading networks and social media […]

Father figures

This month, as we celebrate Fathers Day on 17th June in the Uk, our Women of the World will be sharing their thoughts and experiences of the Father Figures who have impacted on their life, their world and their choices. I woke up one morning this week feeling over tired, I had a sore throat, and was irritable. I […]

Far from the stereotypical ‘Millennial’

Does the Avo on toast photograph well? Try the selfie with the Matcha Latte. Bless-ed are the Millenials, bubble wrapped since the 1980’s, an easily offended generation full of stereotypes. Snapchatting their world of attitude, values, and idiosyncrasies. Perceived as lazy, poorly prepared, without aspirations, entitled, spoilt, delusional, narcissistic and […]

The Youth Of Today

I’ve started writing this blog fifteen times, this is my sixteenth attempt to write on the subject of “the youth of today.” Ironically, I am on a train from Southampton as I pen this missive, having just contributed to a “thought leadership” event on Generation Change, discussing the challenges to […]

The Youth of Today By Ruth Foulkes

The youth of today have power and insight They have the world at their fingertips They have freedom of speech. The youth of today are reluctant to form opinions They are lonely in their connectedness They are unable to express themselves. Technology is the gem to brighten our existence. Technology […]