Network She Academy Trainer

Sylvia Baldock

Unlocking the Hidden Potential in Individuals and Teams

SYLVIA BALDOCK has been transforming lives from the tender age of 13 when she ran a youth group for deprived teenagers in Glasgow, Scotland.

Throughout her varied career from Theatre Sister in Open heart Surgery to a Speaker and Masterclass Facilitator, Sylvia has inspired and motivated 1,000s of people to recognise the unique value they bring to the workplace, to play to their strengths and to lead with confidence and purpose increasing engagement, creativity and productivity.

Sylvia is known for her positive energy, ‘can do’ attitude and ability to engage any audience, leaving them feeling uplifted and ready to make significant changes to achieve greater success and fulfilment every day.

One of her most popular topics – ‘Becoming More Significant’, is also a highly successful coaching and Masterclass programme and is now being transformed into her 3rd book, online courses and podcasts.

You can find Sylvia at: