Network She Academy Trainer

Sarah Coleman

The Negotiation Club

Negotiation skills are one of the most important skills that you need in life.

How often do you negotiate the best outcome?

Whether you want to negotiate better rates with your clients and suppliers, save money when buying your next car or negotiate with your family.

The ability to engage in confident and effective negotiations, like any skill needs to be practised.

An experienced Negotiation Consultant I can help by negotiating better outcomes for you or by providing a safe environment where you can improve your negotiation skills, build your confidence, learn new strategies and tactics whilst having a bit of a laugh with other people.

I have over 20 years’ experience negotiating as part of my career.  I started out in retail purchasing as a buyer, then worked as a consultant buying wine, project manager and salesperson.   Mother to Freddie (18) and Will (14) and carer for my parents.  I have had many adventures whilst I do my best to be a strong and loving daughter and parent.  Negotiation has been a critical to navigating the challenges and securing successes in all areas of my life.

If you are interested and think that better negotiation skills would help you, there are 3 number of ways to get involved:

  • Join a ‘taster’ session to have a go with other Network She members.
  • The join our 5-week Practical Practise Negotiating course.
  • Alternatively, you can book a 121 and we can work together on how to handle your difficult situation or conversation.

Negotiation skills are about, “problem solving skills (but with a twist)”.  Building this skill is key to getting better outcomes day to day and creating sustainable solutions.

The Negotiation Club is a national organisation and the stadium of negotiation practice with a suite of learning options that shows you how professional and personal negotiations work and giving you the tools and techniques to practice with others to shape your conversations to deliver higher, more effective outcomes.

When not negotiating Sarah can usually be found exploring in her camper van with her friends and dog Eve, working on home maintenance, or volunteering for the local water polo team.

You can find Sarah at: