Network She Academy Trainer

Peta Pendlebury

Mind – Body – Soul

Hello! My name is Peta (pronounced just like the boys’ name) and I love all things bookish, particularly old books and libraries – the older the better.  This extends into my love for researching and so my work is perfect as I am a kinesiologist (which often requires research into health conditions) and hair removal specialist (which includes electrolysis – the only permanent way of removing hair & waxing).

As a kinesiologist I can treat all clients’ health conditions (emotional and physical) but I am especially drawn to clients with self-esteem, emotional and stress issues whether that be from trauma, relationships and/or work. It is wonderful to see women come out of themselves and drop the baggage they have been carrying around as we release those memories of traumatic experiences and unhelpful core beliefs that we have developed and/or inherited (yes, some of them are not even yours!) during our lives that are holding us back.

If you want to find out more about kinesiology you can go to my YouTube channel where there are videos to explain and also mini balances that you can experience. Or you can contact me via the website or by phone.  Take care.

You can find Peta at: