Network She Academy Trainer

Kalini Kent

Communication – Confidence – Resilience

The art of effective communication and the ability to present with confidence and clarity, to engage, inspire your audience and take them on a journey, and to build rapport and meaningful relationships are all vital for success.

It is what we need to do daily in varied ways depending on our content, setting and audience, and whether 1:1 or 1:many.

As an experienced Communication and Presentation Skills Trainer, and specialising in Confidence, Resilience and Mindset Coaching, I help people to feel Confident in all areas of their life and work, helping them with their Mindset, Self-Belief and Self Worth, plus also their Resilience to bounce back from setbacks and handle challenging situations.

My USP comes from then fact that, with over 20 years theatre directing and performance experience, I use a unique approach specialising in Vocal Coaching and Stage Presence. In particular, I help Female Entrepreneurs feel confident in all forms of Effective Communication, and being able to present and speak publicly with Impact and Authenticity.

Through having my own Youth Drama Academy and Youth Theatre Group, I have more than 20 years’ experience working 1:1, in groups and through workshops, with Senior Leadership Teams in education settings, families and young people: helping them with a range of difficulties including confidence, resilience, mindset, anxiety, stress, friendships, conflict resolution, peer pressure, bullying, goals and parenting challenges.

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