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Julie Williams

The Coaching Den

Having been in business for over 25 years, juggling family, education, contracts, staff and the roller-coaster that is life, there is one absolute conclusion I have come to: Emotional Resilience is the core stone of personal and professional success.

I’m a single mum of three wonderful young adults and along the way we have encountered many challenges, that at times, have brought me to my knees. My family is everything to me and I take so much joy in the fact that working for myself has allowed me to be around to support them through medical and emotional challenges, as well as the normal day to day teentrums!!!

Most importantly I have learnt that I must take care of ‘me’ if I am successfully going to take care of them and all the responsibilities that operating a family and business throws at us. I am absolutely passionate about ‘removing barriers to participation’ and this value underlies all my business and personal ethos. I use innovative, dynamic and creative solutions to support each individuals ability to achieve their potential.

At the grand young age of 48 I qualified as a Person Centred Counsellor (PGD). Life Long Learning is another passion of mine! I use my education, life experiences, challenges and successes to support and develop women on their business and personal journey by providing a warm. caring, nurturing, motivational and accountable environment where you will gain insight into your own individual subconscious barriers. I will work with you to motivate and encourage in a non-judgemental but solution focused, accountable process; to achieve your dreams, all the time being true to your values.

This will enable you to grow and have the business / life balance you desire . If you’re stuggling with burn out, frustration, personal blocks, have lost your passion and are thinking ‘What is this all about?’ Then please get in contact. I offer support through 1:1 coaching sessions, provide online group training sessions, am a public speaker and am happy to provide inspirational talks.

An area I have a very strong passion for and long personal experience of, is supporting girls and women with Autistic Spectrum Conditions I offer post diagnostic support for late diagnosis, to allow you to process the enormity of self awareness that can happen and how it has impacted your life in the past. More importantly how you can embrace your unique individuality, moving forward, armed with a personalised tool kit to help with anxiety and depression.

For parents, a confirmed autism diagnosis for their child can throw up so many questions / worries and fears for the future. At this time a knowledgeable, listening ear can help ease these worries and also enable you to change parenting patterns to support your child and yourself.

For an informal chat please e-mail help@thecoachingden or book a session online here, or text 07734489953 with a time to call and I will be in touch. Be kind to yourselves, much love Julie.

You can find Julie at: