Network She Academy Trainer

Amanda Lawson

Consultant and Trainer

Amanda Lawson is a woman on a mission to help business owners with their health and safety duties and requirements by providing Training & Consultancy that is focused on making health and safety “More Human”, helping other businesses get to grips with simplifying health and safety to help make compliance a no-brainer.

“My passion is in sharing my knowledge with solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, Small Medium Enterprises and working from home teams who more than likely do not have health and safety on their radar or it is least prioritised.

“I am set on eradicating the phrase “Health and Safety doesn’t apply to me” from the minds of all business owners and we work to dispel the myths that health and safety is complex, does not “apply to me” or “my business”

“I take the boring out of Health & Safety, making it fun and interactive. All training and consultancy sessions are fully interactive, with presentations that include using fun props, challenges and wake up calls.  My efforts are focused on making health and safety “more human!”, to engage EVERYONE in staying safe.

“As there is no one size fits all, I ensure we tailor our approach to fit you, your business and your business needs.

“Having worked with family, I fully understand the importance of ensuring we all keep safe, healthy and well so we can spend time and be around our loved ones each day.”

You can find Amanda at: