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Thanks to our Network She Academy member, Sarah Steinhofel, for launching our new book club!

Yes, we’ve decided that we could all do with getting a bit more virtual human contact, but with a purpose!

How many of us read a business book, but then don’t put the new thing we’ve learnt into practice?

The idea is that we meet up once a month in the evening, to discuss a book that we’ve read as a group. The books will be business/mindset related and chosen by you.

We meet early evening, 8pm ish, so we can relax with a nice cup of cocoa, or more likely something a bit stronger, and put the world to rights over a good book.

For the authors out there, please let us know about your books so we can share the love!

How to get involved

We are currently reading The 5 Second Rule by Mel Robbins

Next Meeting: Tuesday 6th October – 8pm – 9pm

Don’t worry if you don’t read all the book – we always have a good discussion no matter what!


From Mercenaries to Missionaries by Martin Murphy

Marathon runner’s will be familiar with the concept of “hitting the wall” which happens when all their energy stores have been completely emptied leaving both, mind and body wanting to quit. Martin Murphy uses this as a metaphor to describe business owners who reach a stage in their business lifecycle which seems impossible to move beyond, he calls this the “leader wall”.

If the leader wall sounds like something you would prefer to avoid then you need to treat building a business like running a marathon and I believe Mercenaries to Missionaries will become your trusted training guide through the process, one that will be reached for regularly.

Martin Murphy, is an international coach and trainer specialising in leadership, teamwork and personal development. Much of what Murphy has learnt about leadership has come from his experiences as a former Special Forces soldier.

Mercenaries to Missionaries is his latest publication and has clearly been written with business owners and senior leaders in mind. There is a clear focus on high performing teams, how to build them, how to develop them and how to lead them. The advantages of establishing high performing teams in business becomes clear through the book. For me, the key take home point is that high performing teams are agile, they can adapt quickly to change, and we need agility in business now more than ever.

Throughout the book Murphy presents his new methodology in a clear and convincing way. The content is easily digestible and thought provoking throughout. With practical strategies and exercises along the way, the reader will be personally challenged and I expect will make changes that create real impact in the way they run and grow their business as a result of reading this book.

If you are hungry to learn more about collaborative working, empowerment of both yourself as a leader and your workforce then this book should move to the top of your book pile.

Reviewed by Siobhan Watson

Siobhan Watson commissioned from the world renowned, Royal Military Academy Sandhurst in 2010 and went on to spend six years serving in the Royal Logistic Corps including an operational tour of Afghanistan in 2012. Now she is the North Wales based Mortgage and Protection Adviser for Mainly Money Matters, an independent and whole of market mortgage advice firm specialising in residential, buy to let and holiday let mortgages.”

Book review coming soon!

American Royals by Katherine McGee

Hi my name is Ella. During Lockdown I’ve read 40 books. So far one of my favourites has been American Royals by Kathrine McGee. The about book is about the American Royal family. Each chapter is in a different characters perspective, they go between Princess Beatrice the future Queen, Princess Sam, Nina Sam’s best friend and Daphne a good friend of the Royal family.

In the book you follow Beatrice finding her future husband to become King when she becomes Queen, Sam stuck being the second child and being a bit of a party animal, Nina finding it hard to be best friends with the princess and Daphne trying to win back the prince. It was a fun book and I really enjoyed it.

Author’s Top Tips!

Tips for budding authors

Sian-Elin Flint-Freel

Copyeditor, Proofreader and Book Mentor




Don’t overthink

There’s no point making things difficult for yourself, so stop telling yourself the reasons why you shouldn’t write (I’m not good enough! What will other people say? What have I got to write about?) and just start writing. No one needs to see it if you choose to keep it to yourself, and you may even find the act of writing cathartic and relaxing.

Make it a habit

Tell yourself you will write something every day. It can be a sentence, a paragraph, a page or a whole story – the length doesn’t matter, this is about getting your writing muscles working. Like any new habit, such as couch to 5K, doing a little every day eventually becomes addictive. Put a cross on your calendar each time you have made yourself sit down to write and try not to break the chain. You will see your writing improve in no time.

Ignore your inner editor

We all have them, sitting on our shoulders, telling us what we are writing is no good. Find a way to silence them while you write. You can always go back the next day if you want to review your work, but going back and correcting and re-correcting as you write breaks your flow. Concentrate on getting the words on the page and worry about how it reads later.

Take inspiration from things around you

You may be wondering where on earth to start? Take inspiration from things around you: a quirky item on your bookshelf, a favourite painting, someone who works in the local Co-op! Come up with a story about them, where they came from. Maybe you can’t travel to your favourite place this year? Take yourself there by writing about it and how that location makes you feel.  You could also use the first line of a book and take it from there.

Start anywhere, start today

The main point is to start anywhere. It doesn’t have to be the beginning; it could be the middle or the end. If this is the first time you’ve written anything since schooldays, why make it difficult? Where would be easiest to start? The key thing is that you start – so what’s stopping you?


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