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At the time of writing I am propped up on a sand covered, reserved the night before sunbed on the beautiful beach of Playa El Salon in Nerja. My beautiful surroundings area a traditional white washed Spanish fishing village, where for one full week I have been horizontal consuming, amongst other things, the contents of a well-stocked kindle packed with an eclectic mix of murder, suspense and the predictable chic lit. Bliss!

Today is our last day and I am not ready to head back to the wet, windswept reality of blighty. I will be returning to a house that was optimistically left in the safe keeping of a sloth like 18 year old on the understanding that he could have a “few friends” round as long as he painted the decking. 

I am not ready to leave this sun kissed shore and face disappointment that awaits me at home. More so, I’m not ready to face the reality of being back on the treadmill of the constant daily routine and responsibility that comes with being the bread winner. I am responsible for keeping a roof over my families head, food on their table and for lavishing the third generation arrivals as every over indulgent grandparent would want to.

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It’s all about NETWORK G&T

How much easier would your life be if you just had that little bit of extra help or someone to show you how.  How often do you search aimlessly for the right advice or for someone to bounce ideas off.  Network She knows how much talent there is out there and what a difference can be made if we all just Give and Take, share our skills and expertise or even if we just give someone an hour of our time.

Over the last few months Network She members, associates and sponsors have made their pledges to give their services and support free of charge and skill share with you. See below just a few of the available pledges, if you want to accept any of the pledges listed below just email ruth@networkshe.co.uk quoting the pledge reference number, but remember, it’s all about give an take so please be prepared to make your own pledge in return