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But I’m not looking for a hobby………



I’m not looking for a hobby, I haven’t got the time. My last hobby got somewhat out of hand and now takes up all of my non-working waking hours, that is the “hobby” that became Network She.

Photography is not and never has been on my radar. My hubbie enjoys endless hours of taking images, looking at them, editing them, discussing them, and reading about them. He has all the kit and caboodle and the must have toys and is obviously a man with far too much time on his hands!

I don’t need something to fill my time; I need something to save me time. I am not looking to fill albums and hours with seascapes or still life. I don’t want to adorn the walls with my nearest and dearest, what I need is to be able to take good quality images of the people I meet, the products I like and the places that  Network She takes me. How many times have I met an amazing individual with a story to tell and a instead of instantly sharing the words and pictures to express my excitement the moment is lost and the opportunity wasted.

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It’s all about NETWORK G&T

How much easier would your life be if you just had that little bit of extra help or someone to show you how.  How often do you search aimlessly for the right advice or for someone to bounce ideas off.  Network She knows how much talent there is out there and what a difference can be made if we all just Give and Take, share our skills and expertise or even if we just give someone an hour of our time.

Over the last few months Network She members, associates and sponsors have made their pledges to give their services and support free of charge and skill share with you. See below just a few of the available pledges, if you want to accept any of the pledges listed below just email ruth@networkshe.co.uk quoting the pledge reference number, but remember, it’s all about give an take so please be prepared to make your own pledge in return