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helpWhilst the cat’s away ………..

Our illustrious Leader is away sunning herself in the rain in Australia and is putting her complete faith in me to run both Network She and the Network She Foundation. No pressure then!

This is the first time that Ruth has actually taken a ‘proper’ break, and we all know what that’s like. We book our two weeks somewhere hot, where we envision sun filled luxurious days relaxing by the pool, feeling the stresses of daily life wash away, when all of a sudden your phone pings and ……. well, that’s it. Hard to ignore, that little electronic rectangle of technology calls your name and you have to respond. It’s like Cathy luring Heathcliff on the Yorkshire Moors – impossible not to give in. Making that very brave decision to give your business over to someone to keep an eye on for a whole month is a humongous decision.

So here I am and it’s not an easy place to be – how many of you have ever been in this situation and what would you do?

As a brand new business owner myself and just back from a road trip across America where crossing the Grand Canyon was an easy helicopter ride, how do I manage to cross the giant canyon of looking after an established business? I’ll tell you how – I asked for help.

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It’s all about NETWORK G&T

How much easier would your life be if you just had that little bit of extra help or someone to show you how.  How often do you search aimlessly for the right advice or for someone to bounce ideas off.  Network She knows how much talent there is out there and what a difference can be made if we all just Give and Take, share our skills and expertise or even if we just give someone an hour of our time.

Over the last few months Network She members, associates and sponsors have made their pledges to give their services and support free of charge and skill share with you. See below just a few of the available pledges, if you want to accept any of the pledges listed below just email ruth@networkshe.co.uk quoting the pledge reference number, but remember, it’s all about give an take so please be prepared to make your own pledge in return